Blake Lively Hair Tutorial- Long Soft Waves

For NEW VIDEOS by Dani click Here: Here is a Blake Lively style hair tutorial! Perfect for long straight hair! Please subscribe, rate, and comment. We are new and would love your feed back!! Follow Us on Twitter! @danilauren @jbarns13 Our Instgrams: danimierkat jackiebarnyard Song “Beautiful” By Jackie Barnard (the girl getting her hair […]

10 Famous Kids Who Look IDENTICAL To Their Parents

These kids are a spitting image of their celebrity parents. Stephen Curry, Reese Witherspoon, Tom Cruise, and more all have children that look exactly like them. Subscribe to our channel: For copyright matters please contact us at: Celebrities have families just like the rest of us normal people. But we don’t find it […]

Top 10 Famous Beautiful Eyes Female Celebrities in the world latest list 2018 | Amazed Side

Who are the top 10 Famous Beautiful Eyes female celebrities in the world 2018? Eyes are the most expressive feature of your face. A woman’s eyes are her best asset. She can show her emotions and moods through her eyes. It is much difficult to find the most beautiful eyes. We tried to provided our […]