This video contains footage of celebrities that have died from HIV/AIDS!

Roblox Death Sound Meme (Fail Compilation)

What is the Roblox Death Sound Meme? The popular Roblox game has a sound effect within it that has started to be used in a variety of memes in various ways which has started to help the meme become popular in recent months. The Roblox death sound has started to be used within various memes […]

Cute Animals Fake Death Collection Funny

A collection of animals playing dead. Super funny 🙂

Cute Baby Gorilla Gets Dragged Around By Bigger Gorilla

So we were at this place called “Disneyworld,” and then this one furry thing started pushing and dragging a smaller furry thing, until this bigger furry thing came over and scared the first furry thing away…and in 50 years they will all take over the world, just like in that movie. OH YEAH, just in […]